The Open Source telephony solution dedicated to large businesses

The Open Source telephony solution dedicated to large businesses

XiVO creates custom-made solutions that will meet all of your requirements. Our expertise with large businesses lets us guide you towards a modernized telephony system. XiVO is quick and can adapt to complex, multi-site environments/ workspaces, and will lead you towards a centralized and secured IP telephony solution.

The XiVO solution connects and gives mobility to your users, generating the best possible collaboration. An Open Source Solution, XiVO insures complete financial visibility, for an optimized management of your budget.

Flexibility, profitability and security

Flexibility, profitability and security

Within large businesses, telephony remains a demanding service as it is the basis of communication. Already adopted by medium and large businesses, XiVO is a virtualized industrial solution, that can be adapted to the requirements, and guarantees high-level services.

XiVO is provided with development libraries, which facilitates its integrations at all levels of the information system, making it a unique and personalized solution. It is a scalable solution, license cost free, and gives native access to all telephony features and unified communication

Why choose XiVO ?

Why choose XiVO ?

  • Secured and redundant multi-site architecture
  • Progressive and at your own pace migration
  • No functional license cost
  • Material and applicative interoperability
  • Unified communication
  • WEBRTC associates’ mobility
  • Call management from the workspace environment
  • Tight integration with the information system

They testify

  • Xavier ROY - MANULOC
    Information Systems Manager

    "I recommend XiVO for its excellent features / price ratio and the fact that it's an open solution."

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    Directeur des Systèmes d'information (DSI)

    Pourquoi avoir fait le choix de XiVO ?

    « Nous avons choisis XiVO car il correspondait évidemment à nos besoins fonctionnels, mais la différence en fin d’appel d’offres s’est faite sur les points suivants :
    • Simplicité de gestion des licences
    • Facilité de déploiement et accompagnement sur l’ensemble de nos filiales étrangères
    • Intégration native avec notre messagerie BlueMind»

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